Buying my first Midi

Feb 9, 2011
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Hey, I have been learning keyboard on a cheap Yamaha Psr-150 for a while now that I found in my garage, and recently I decided it was time for something new.

I have been looking at MIDI keyboards for weeks now, trying to settle on one to buy. I have come close to buying both the keystation pro and the CME UF but both times I have never been completely sure they were the right ones for me. I hear good things about both the keystation pro and the CME, but at the same time I hear plenty of bad things.

I am looking for a keyboard just to use for recording purposes and plug in an play. I dont plan on using one live. I enjoy using FL studio and I believe I would enjoy it more if I had a keyboard to use with it. I am also aware that there are plenty of better options for software to use too.

The number of keys is something I am not sure about. 88 would be nice, but not neccessary. The minimum number of keys I am willing to go for is 61. I think any lower would be too few for my taste.

Some assignable knobs and sliders are important to me too, as well as pitch bend and modulation controls. Velocity sensitive keys are also important. Aftertouch, not so much but it would be nice.

I would say a minimum of four knobs and 4 sliders would be what I would be willing to look at. I dont need that many but the more the better.

Im willing to spend up to about £300 - £400.

I really need help on this. I never thought I would be as picky about another instrument as I was about my guitar.

There is an old keystation pro with lots of controls and sliders, and 88 keys up for auction on ebay, but the poor reviews of the keystation have me unsure whether to go for it not.

One more thing I should mention is that I dont really have a preference for how weighted the keys are.

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