Casio Priva Model PX-110

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    Dec 27, 2009
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    I purchased my PX-110 last in June of 2009. $380 delivered from the net. The PX-110 is at the bottom of the Priva line and is basically a stage piano with a few additional sounds. I was pleased to see that the October 2009 copy of Keyboard Magazine agreed with my evaluation of the Priva PX series. They reviewed a PX-330, which has more bells and whistles that my PX-110.. It is my opinion that the PX-... is an unbelievable bang for the buck.

    I play one or two gigs a week at different locations. One group is an old folks Ukelele band (30 pieces) which play for assisted living centers, luncheon clubs etc. every Thursday morning. We have done over 500 performances. The other group is 5 old geezers like me who play music of the 40's and 50's for 50th wedding anniversaries, house parties etc.

    My Priva lives in the back of my van inside of a box I made that has permanent casters attached to the bottom of the box, and permanent folding legs attached to the bottom of the box. My set-up time at the venue is about 5 minutes. I pull the box to my spot for the gig, lift (one end at a time) and pull down the folding legs on the box, lift the lid on the box and plug my rig into the wall. It takes another minute or two to plug in my Roland KC-60 Keyboard amplifier (25 lbs).

    The 26 pound weight of the Priva is very important to me. as is the Piano sounds and the real piano feel of the keyboard. (I also have in my studio a Yamaha S-90ES, an old Alesis QS-8, Baldwin Model R grand piano and a Yamaha HX-1 Electone.) I use Finale and Sonar almost daily in my studio

    The Priva has some powerful teaching aids plus some fun things like automatic accompaniment and drum loops. However for my needs a 26 pound stage piano that sounds good and feels as good as the Priva is absolutely remarkable.

    Bob Stiffler
    Florida P.E. (Retired)
    Duffer musician

    P.S. I now advise parents to buy a keyboard like this instead of an acoustic piano for new students.
    ROBERTSTIFFLER, Dec 27, 2009
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