DGX-660 -> Having occasional silent keys...

Oct 13, 2020
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My 660 was new on Oct 15th, 2019.

I've been having problems that I was running across when playing with styles. C3, being in the style keys, wouldn't sound right some times, hit it again and it would. I finally figured out it was not playing.

Now I'm practicing to learn Hallelujah, not using styles yet, and I've had a couple keys not play a few times during my 3 hours of practice today. G4 was on, and I don't know the other, as practicing at fast tempo, I was past it too quick to figure out which one it was.

I do have a ticket open with Yamaha on the topic based on the style problems. After some things we did, I thought it cleared up and haven't been playing that style lately to see if that is an issue. The non-style silent keys today just came up. I sent him an email on it.

Any thoughts or advice out there? Is anyone else experiencing this?

BTW, I will add, that as a new, learning user, I first thought that I was not hitting the key hard enough. But stopping and testing the pressure to make a key sound, I don't think that is the case. I set the function for pressure to most sensitive when I first saw this happening last week, as at that point I thought it was me hitting the key too soft, as last week it was a key I was hitting with left #5 finger. But today, I was hitting G4 with right thumb.

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