How do I get my midi notes to change velocities from my keyboard to DAW automatically?

Feb 4, 2014
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Mine are always stuck at 80 by default on my Yamaha PSR-E223, what I want to happen is when I'm playing notes on my keyboard it automatically shifts and ranges velocity numbers to more appropriate tones by how hard or light I press the keys. Any way I can achieve this?? I'm new to composing music in general.



I meant to play that note!
Jun 6, 2014
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Unfortunately, the PSR-E223 doesn't have a touch-sensitive keyboard, so there's no way to vary the velocities of the notes you play based on how heavily or lightly-- actually how quickly or slowly-- you strike the keys, since the keyboard doesn't have the sensors which can detect the velocities of your keystrokes.

I believe the only way to control the velocities of the notes on the PSR-E223 itself is to change the "M.Volume" (or "Main Volume") setting in the Function menu.

If I'm not mistaken, on a Yamaha keyboard that's touch-sensitive and that has its Touch Sensitivity function turned on, the "M.Volume" function sets the Channel Volume for the Main Voice part, while the Note Velocity of each individual note is controlled by how quickly or slowly you strike each key.

But on a Yamaha keyboard that isn't touch-sensitive, or that is but has its Touch Sensitivity function turned off, the "M.Volume" function sets the Note Velocity which will be used for all notes played with the Main Voice part.

I might be wrong about that, but if I remember correctly that was how it worked on my PSR-E keyboards when I toggled their Touch Sensitivity on or off and then changed the "M.Volume" setting.

Obviously, it will probably be awkward to try to change the "M.Volume" setting as you're playing, but it might be doable if you're playing with one hand and can use your other hand either to increase or decrease the "M.Volume" setting or else to quickly enter a numeric value.

Alternatively, if you're using the PSR-E223 to enter notes into your DAW or notation software in some sort of "step recording" mode, as opposed to a "real-time recording" mode, then you can use "M.Volume" to set the desired velocity of each note before you play it-- assuming the DAW or notation software isn't set to override the received Note Velocities and replace them with a fixed velocity, in which case you'll have to change the value of the fixed velocity in the DAW or notation software.

If you need to be able to perform and record with a touch-sensitive (or velocity-sensitive) keyboard, the least expensive models of Yamaha which are touch-sensitive are those in the PSR-E3xx/YPT-3xx line, which is the next line up from the PSR-E2xx/YPT-2xx models.

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