How to get the right rhythm for certain songs

Nov 18, 2019
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here Comes my Question !
I have got an PSR S 700 Yamaha keybord since may years which I am happy with. However, I have a Question/Problem on which I could not get an answer so far.
Many Songs are written in the note-books on the Rhythm " 6/8 Ballad"
Now when I select this specific Rhythm ( 6/8 Ballad) on my kexboard, I Always get a Rhythm which has a so called 4/4 Rhythm !!!! and I am not able to play those songs in the Right manner.
Does anybody has encountered the same Problem before ? Does anybody has an answer to this ???



Sep 6, 2017
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Lancashire, UK.

I cannot be specific since my Yamaha knowledge is limited.

If with the problem Style selected you then call up the Style Edit function you should see just what its time signature is actually set at and you are also presented with other options page 113 explains in more detail. It possibly is set incorrectly or you could change it to one that suits you better.

If this does not show up a problem you can initiate a search of all Styles which have 6/8 signatures and you can then try others to see if any fit your requirements. If one does you may need to edit sounds, fills, vars etc and save it to a user bank.

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