Ketron X4 (X1) problem with midi accordion

Mar 12, 2023
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Hello everyone! I'm new here so hello to everybody!
I ran into an interesting problem with the ketron X4 and midi accordion. I have two ketron X4. I installed another sd memory card drive to this newer one. All accordion basses, both melody and basic bass sound in both active and inactive mode in the accordion settings when the comp is not used with older X4 but with this newer X4, all the basses only play in inactive mode, but in active mode the basic bass doesn't play. I got to try two different X1 keyboard versions and they have the same thing. One plays all the bass in both settings, but the other does the same as the newer X4. Active mode drops the basic bass. I've spent many hours trying to change different settings, but I can't find any logical reason or explanation. It would seem that the system version does not explain the problem because the old X4 has the same operating system as these X1. Has anyone experienced the same problem and/or know what could be causing this? Thanks a lot!
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I meant to play that note!
Jun 6, 2014
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Welcome! I don't know how many Ketron users there are here, but hopefully someone can offer some insight.

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