need help finding smart card

Nov 7, 2013
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Hello.I have just started playing keyboards in an 80's rock n roll cover band.We play a lot of bon jovi, motley crue, poison, skid row. ...ect. the keyboard I am playing is a korg triton le without the sampling upgrade. What I am looking for is a smart media card that I can put into the triton le card slot that has all the bon jovi keyboard sounds on it. Mainly the wanted dead or alive intro sounds ( the wind with the chimes the deep synth with strings the warm piano ect..). I'm not the most computer savvy person and haven't the time, skills or patients to try and build the sounds myself on the triton le. Is their anyone out their willing and able to create this smart card for me or know of anyone to put me in touch with? Would be happy to pay to have this card constructed for me. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks for your time


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