new keys, advice needed!

Oct 13, 2007
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Im chris, I'm new here, this looks like a cool place to hang out.

Basically, I'm a drummer and a trumpet player, and i have come to the conclusion that i should really brush up on my keyboard skills to help with my general musicianship.

My conundrum is this:
I'm looking for a 61 key keyboard with some built in sounds (nothing too demanding - just piano and a hammond and stuff like that).

Small built in speakers would be handy

I would also like it to have a usb connection (i don't have a midi port on my computer).

I would also prefer it to be not very deep front to back. I'm living in uni halls at the moment and space is at a bit of a premium, especially with my electric drumkit taking up space!

It also needs to be cheap. I'm a poor student on a budget here. My problem is I can find keyboards that fulfil most of these requirements, but not all.

Any suggestions?


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