No sound when playing

Jun 22, 2013
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I have searched on the forum for this but nothing helped.
I have a Midistudio 2 keyboard. Its already a pretty old keyboard and I haven't used it in a couple years.
Back then I used Magix Samplitude 9 SE to play on the keyboard and hear what I am playing at the same time without recording anything. So it is possible however I don't remember how I did it.

Now I used Magix Music Maker 2013 and when I play, i can see that there is a midi input being send. Every key hit blimps the light. However, I don't hear anything, also if I record I can't hear what I'm playing but after recording. I can relisten to the record and then I can hear what I'm playing.
I have tried all I could think of to hear what I'm playing.

Anyone knows how I can do this?
Btw: Using guitar pro input, the midi immediately pops up on the sheet and I hear what I play but because of some buffer and delay, the duration of the sound is limited to 1/4th of a note. So hearing while playing is possible.



Aug 13, 2008
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South Carolina
You must not be echoing the track back to the monitor buss/output. I'm not familiar with your software, but there should be some output setting you need to engage in order to hear " monitor" output while recording.

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