PSR-EW400 Gig Bag/case




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Jun 6, 2014
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Yamaha makes a few different series of keyboard bags. The series which fits the PSR-E models is called "Artiste" and begin with "YBA," which is presumably short for "Yamaha Bag Artiste." I have some of the YBA-611 version for my 61-key PSR-E models, but haven't bought the YBA-761 for my 76-key PSR-EW400 yet. There is also a version called YBA-881 for 88-key models such as the DGX-660. The YBA bags are heavy-duty bags, not hard cases, so if you want a hard case then I'm not certain what will fit, but you can check the interior dimensions against those of the PSR-EW400. The YBA bags have a pocket on the side that's big enough to hold the power adapter, a USB cable or audio cable, the owner's manual and other documents, some sheet music, etc. I was hoping the pocket would be wide enough to hold the music rest, but it isn't, so I either put the music rest inside the bag with the keyboard, or just leave it out.

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