Roland A-800Pro suddenly stopped working on my PC.

Oct 9, 2017
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Description of problem
My MIDI Keyboard used to work on my computer, but suddenly stopped working around a year ago. It's a Roland A-800Pro. When I plug it in to any USB port and turn it on, the display on the midi turns orange but nothing happens. Windows doesn't make a noise that a new device was attached, and BIOS says nothing is in the USB port. The device doesn't show up under device manager either. I'd really appreciate any help I could get.

What I've tried so far
  • Turned off USB selective suspend
  • Multiple USB ports tested
  • Two cords tested (both work on my condenser mic)
  • Tested on another PC in my house running the same OS (Windows 10) and it works perfectly
  • Booted PC in safe mode and tested


I meant to play that note!
Jun 6, 2014
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I was going to say that it sounds like a problem with the keyboard, not the computer, but you say that it does work when you plug it into a differrent computer? Maybe there's something wrong with the USB ports on the computer that it doesn't work on? Or did you say that those USB ports do work when using a condenser mic? The only other thing that comes to mind is a possible problem with the USB device driver for the keyboard.

I know you have a Roland keyboard, but you might want to install the Korg USB-MIDI driver utility for Windows 10 (see below), as it can show you all the MIDI devices that have been set up on your system, and lets you uninstall them. It may help to uninstall all instances of your Roland keyboard on the troublesome computer, unstall the Roland driver (if you had installed it), and then reinstall the Roland driver from scratch.

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