Should I trade my PSR-2100 for a MO8?

Feb 19, 2013
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I have a question about buying a new keyboard.

I have had a yamaha psr-2100 for about 4 years now, and i'm planning on starting to play more piano-style (weigted keys and an 88 size keyboard).

I plan to sell my Psr, and maybe add some extra money to buy a new one.
Now I expected my keyboard to be worth about 400 euros, and I thought an MO8 would be about 800 or so, but on second hand websites it seemed different.

Apparently they both sell for about the same, around 700 euros used. I didn't expect that they would be about the same price. So could I basically sell my psr, and buy the mo wihout adding any money? Are it just that good deals I just found, or am I missing something else?


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