So you want to update your keyboard's software...

Fred Coulter

Collector of ancient keyboards
Feb 15, 2016
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Central Florida
After spending a couple of hours attempting to get my Kronos updated to the latest version, I have a couple pieces of advice.

First, and most important: format your USB stick on your keyboard, not on your computer. It's quite possible (and it was in my case) that the computer is far more forgiving and far less picky about the format than your keyboard. This would have saved me hours trying to figure out why the keyboard didn't see the update files.

Second, read the instructions. If they say to copy the installation files and subdirectories into the root of the USB drive, don't just copy the installation files. Those subdirectories are there for a reason. (This was only about five minutes lost.)

Yes, it's now updated, and so is the Tyros. Next up is installing a Pink Floyd sound library on the Kronos, but before I do that I need to reorganize the existing patches to avoid over writing something. And to do that, I need to print out and read the PCG Tools manual.
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