Software to use in live performances with kontakt

Jan 9, 2023
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Hi guys!

I'm diggin' into midi controllers, and I'd like to try playing live using my midi controller and my Mac.

So I tried Ableton live but it has so many things that I really don't need at all, and for what I want I find Ableton a very complex software, I need something simple. I play in a covers band so I need to switch sounds all the time and sometimes I even need to have a "scene" with layers of sounds or a splitted keyboard.

In a yamaha modx or a roland fantom to do this is a piece of cake, that's all I need.

But I also would like to be able to load kontakt within this software, it seems that Mainstage could be a possible solution for what I need, but I wanted to ask you if you know other possible options ?

Thanks in advance :)


Jul 21, 2012
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Look into Gig Performer. It's similar to Mainstage in that it is a DAW that is totally geared towards performance, and just performance. I have used it successfully myself for live performances, including with Native Instrument VSTs (including Kontakt) as well as Arturia VSTs. It has a small footprint, and can be used in simple and complex setups.

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