Switching things up...

Feb 9, 2013
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Sierra Foothills, CA
Sold the MM6. Hadn't so much as turned it on in a couple of weeks, even though I spent lots of time in the studio, headphones on, working the tunes. Finally decided that it didn't really offer me anything that was different enough (patch-wise) from what the other boards and two sound modules were giving me. The keyboard was slightly 'cheesy' compared to either of the Korgs, and since it didn't give me any real ability to control the TR Rack it had to go.

Picked up a Korg Kontrol 49, it'll be here by the end of the week and I'll have a far better way to 'play' the TR Rack. Looking forward to not having to bend over and play with the stupid buttons on the TR front panel. :)

So... anyone care to comment on the Kontrol 49? I've read a fair number of issues with updated firmware causing problems (so I won't be doing that), and some people have had connection bugs with the ribbon cables (although that may have actually been the FW problem). I don't need to move it out of my studio - at least not in the foreseeable future - and as long as it works I'm not going to mess with the FW until I can confirm the new stuff is clean. Anything else?




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