Using external FX on specific patch / PC

Jan 29, 2024
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I have a couple of keyboards that only have a main L+R output (+ headphones) ports.
I would like to add external effects (guitar pedals) but only want to route a particular patch, say, preset 03.
Connecting my main out directly to the FX pedals poses the following issues:
  • Playing live, I would have to press the button to switch to program 03 and then quickly push the pedal to turn it on. Then doing the reverse when switching to a diff patch/program
  • The EFX I'm referring to (Boss guitar pedals) are mono and I would prefer to keep the rest of my presets routed stereo (but not a deal breaker).
Is there a way for me to:
  • switch between 2 separate audio routes when performing program changes? I've seen a lot of A/B switchers but they dont seem to support MIDI.
  • I noticed that the audio is routed separately to the PHONES port, is there any kind device that would allow me to switch to (solo) that channel when sending a program change? havent been able to find a simple / compact midi capable audio mixer.

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