Yamaha EZ-200 VS Casio LK-215

Apr 22, 2008
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I am a beginner and I am interested in buying a "lighted" key keyboard.
In my own mind I have narrowed it down to 2 different entry level keyboards (approx the same price)

1. Yamaha EZ-200
2. Casio LK-215

From what I hear the Yamaha is probably a better keyboard allround except for the fact that you can not download new songs to it.
whereas the Casio allows extra songs to be downloaded.

Is the Yahama sound much better than the Casio ? (for example the Grand Piano voice seems to be a selling point with the EZ-200)

i.e. is it better enough to forego the extra features of the Casio ?

Any comments/help much appreciated !!!


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