Change transpose in e453

Jan 10, 2018
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Hi I have a problem about Yamaha e453 when I save voices into banks and change sound for example piano to secend sound guitar that saved change transposed and styles please help me many years ago I had Yamaha psr-510 but that had button freeze so Yamaha e453 having look like this?



I meant to play that note!
Jun 6, 2014
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The PSR-E models don't have a proper "freeze" function like many of the other (higher) models do. There's no way to freeze the transpose setting from the panel so that recalling a registration doesn't change it. The best you can do is recall the registration, change the transpose setting, and then save the change to that same registration so it will be the way you want it the next time you recall the registration.

The style number is also saved in the registration by default, but if you don't want the current style to change when you recall a registration then there is a way to do that. Before you save all of the settings to a registration, press the SONG button, then save the registration. Or if you've already saved a registration-- recall it, press SONG, and save it again. Then you should be able to select a style and recall that particular registration without it switching styles on you. Do this for all registrations that you want to be able to recall without affecting the style.

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