How about this keyboard for our piano learning?

Jun 18, 2021
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I found some content about a smart piano online, but I don't really confirm whether this kind of piano can guide us to learn music well. Thus, I list the sentences below.

"This piano has a compact keyboard that assures you of the convenient use of your smartphone or tablet. This makes it easier to use for a more feature-rich experience. The bright LED lights in the keys guide you as you okay your favorite music. You need to use this lighting system to learn the entire process. This makes it more convenient for you to learn this process. It has up to 61 keys on the keyboard. After taking away the app you are left with a special keyboard with a volume knob and other three buttons for easy setup. Better still, it mainly focuses on teaching you how to play it. You can as well watch any of the 105 video lessons with the instructor where the keys light as you are coached. If you prefer to play by ear then it has song tutorial videos. With all these, it is one of the best one on one instruction devices to help you learn more."
Sep 6, 2017
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Lancashire, UK.
Without knowing make and more info my initial thought, avoid like the plague.

For a start 61 keys does not make it a piano, for that it really needs 88 keys with a graded hammer action to the keys.

Much better to learn to play piano on a proven keyboard that is of known quality which all the following are at a reasonable price, but if budget is of concern do seek out a used keyboard.

Take a look at a Yamaha P45, Korg B2, Casio CDP S100 and Roland FP 10. All these are the manufacturers lowest priced digital pianos and depending upon the make there is a time limited free access to a Piano learning App, Flowkey in the case of the Yamaha and Chordana is with the Casio.

Now all the above is geared to learn to play piano, to learn how to play keyboard is another matter so perhaps if you post more about the aims, goals and the budget more advice can be offered.

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