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Dec 8, 2009
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lightweight keyboard amp

A bandmate needs a keyboard amp. She has been using my Roland JC-120, which works fine, but it VERY heavy and bulky (and I get the pleasure of lugging it for her ;)

We checked out Peavey, but their keyboard amps seem extremely heavy (60-80lbs).

I recommended a Roland KC-60 or KC-150 (which are in the 30lb range). However at the store, the sales person talked her into a Behringer K1800FX (180 "Watts").

We got that amp into practice and it simply isn't loud enough. Clearly Behringer doesn't report wattage the way other companies do, as my Roland JC 120 (120 Watts) will blow that thing into oblivion.

We are a 5 piece rock band with an acoustic drummer. For this type of setup, I would say our volume is moderate - not earsplitting, but certainly louder than a background jazz combo.

I'm holding down the low end, so she doesn't need HUGE bass response, but she does need to be able to cut through the mix on lead parts and the K1800FX just doesn't have the headroom to do that comfortably without risk of it distorting. Also, she is using a CHEAP keyboard and I'm not sure if the line out we are using is hot enough to do the amp justice. Since it works in the my JC-120 though, I have a hard time believing that the keyboard is at fault here.

So the question is, what are some recommendations of amps that can keep up with our band volume-wise, but won't break our backs (i.e. ~30lbs).


Nov 5, 2009
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I use a Roland KC-60.

No complaints. It's loud enough to cut through the noise, and it's not heavy at all.

I've played with drummers who like to beat the snot out of their drums, and guitar players with extreme wattage, and the KC-60 has yet to disappoint.

The keyboard definitely matters. i.e. when I run my moog through the KC-60 it will always we 100% louder than my M-audio prokeys 88 without distortion.

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