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Jul 25, 2015
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Newb here.

I have a TD-20 and PC88mx hooked up to an imac.
I'm running both Logic Pro X and PT11.
If I add a click track in PT11, the TD-20 "hears" it and starts clicking (if I have it set up right).
(It also triggers a pattern and I have to pick an empty pattern to keep it from starting to play something unwanted.)
The PC88mx doesn't even receive the midi signal from PT11.
(Since I can use the same midi cable I know that there is signal at the midi in port of the PC88mx.)
If I add a click track in Logic Pro X, neither the TD-20 nor the PC88mx get a midi signal.
Both the TD-20 and the PC88mx receive normal midi signals from a recorded midi track in either PT11 or Logic Pro X.
In PT11, the click track appears to be an aux track with a plugin (Click II).
In Logic Pro X, the click track appears to be an instrument track with something called Klopfgeist on it.

So my questions are: Why doesn't the PC88mx receive the click track signal from the click track in PT11?
Why does the click track in PT11 trigger a pattern in the TD-20 (as well as the click)?
and Why doesn't the click track in Logic Pro X make any impression on either the TD-20 or the PC88mx?

I'd appreciate anything anyone has to say about all this.

Cyrus Koch

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