motif es8 or mox8

May 15, 2014
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I have to choose between these two keyboards and i have a bid dillema.

First i have to say that i will be using this keyboard for playing in a band, a covers band so live performance and practice. I don t need arranger styles and other functions like that.

The main functios i'm interested in are:

1. Minimum a 3way keyboard split with the ability to transpose each section

2. Being able to layer more than 3 - 4 sounds with the ability to control the volume of each layer in real time with sliders or knobs

3. Being able to acces saved presets (layers or splita) with the touch of one button

4.A great piano sound with the most realistic key feel.

I guess these are the main fetmatures i'm interested in other functions are only a bonus for me.


May 14, 2014
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Both of these keyboards will do what you are after (3-way split + transpose, layer + separate volume control, save presets to a button, both have descent piano sounds - the MOX8 will have the newer yamaha samples than the motif). As for the realistic key feel I can't say much as I haven't played on either of those boards for long enough, the motif ES8 has the 'Balanced Hammer Action' while the MOX8 has 'Graded Hammer Standard keyboard'.

So really, it's all down to your personal preference, do you like the silver or the black keyboard? haha

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