P125 Driver Problems

May 20, 2020
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Hey Guys,

I've just bought a Yamaha P-125, and am loving it. However, trying to get it connected to my laptop is proving difficult. I've tried installing the recommended USB MIDI driver, but trying to use Musicsoft still doesn't work. Installing the Steinberg drivers gets it to recognize it as speakers, but still doesn't allow file access. It's plugged normally from the midi out port, into a 2.0 port (3.0 doesn't work either)
The error pictured is trying to install with it plugged in, recognized as an audio device.
Any ideas?




Sep 6, 2017
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Lancashire, UK.

What version of Windows are you using?

I have a P121 (the 73 key version of the P125)

I have not connected my old Windows 8 laptop to my P121 in the 3 months that I have had the DP.

So I have connected them up and my Laptop showed it as a Digital Piano in the Sound section of Device Manager.

But, it did show a problem as I had not installed the Driver.

I downloaded the Steinway Driver and installed it and all shows up OK in Device manager.

Now since you are having the error message here is what I do in such cases:-

Download the Driver

Turn off WiFi

Disable any anti virus software

Close all open software

Make sure you are logged in as Admin or a user with Admin rights

On the root of your Boot drive create a folder and call it YamahaP151

Find the downloaded Steinway Driver, select it by a single left click then Right Click on it

Select Extract and point it to the YamahaP125 folder so it extracts the Zip file content there.

Power up the connected P125 and go into Device Manager to find the P125, click on it and in the pop up Window select Driver.

Click on Update

Then Select the manual update or manual browse option.

Navigate to the Driver file which is in the YamahaP125 folder and click on OK

The Laptop should then install the driver.

If all OK

Reset anti virus software and enable WiFi

Let us know how you get on.

Do you have an iPad, or iPhone, if so there is Yamaha’s Smart Pianist App that you can also use. Connect them together using an Apple Camera Adapter.

Also you may like to check if the free Flowkey subscription is still available. It is a useful App for not just for learning but also for finding new songs from the Flowkey Library
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Nov 16, 2012
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I think Biggles may have hit the nail right on the head, without even knowing it. First, the P125 transfers both audio and MIDI data over the USB link. The driver supports that, so it is not strange that the P125 might show up to the computer as an audio device. The correct current version is 2.0.3. It is available from either Yamaha or Steinberg, but the one from the Yamaha download site does not work. You need to download it directly from Steinberg. Biggles downloaded his from there, and his is working. If you downloaded yours from the Yamaha site, that is most likely your problem. If you did, you will need to uninstall that driver before you install the correct one, else the bad one will interfere with the good one. You should download it from:


then follow Biggles' instructions above. A USB-2 port is best but definitely do not use a USB-3 cable. The caveats in the manual state that explisitly. A USB-3 cable is not compatible with the port in the P125.
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I meant to play that note!
Jun 6, 2014
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The confusion about the driver at Yamaha's sites stems from the fact that there are two different drivers available on Yamaha's sites:
(1) the Yamaha USB-MIDI driver, which is for models that have USB MIDI but not USB audio; and
(2) the Steinberg USB driver, which is for models that have both USB MIDI and USB audio.

If a given model has both USB MIDI and USB audio, the Yamaha USB-MIDI driver will not be able to recognize it as a compatible device, because the data coming from the keyboard's USB port includes both MIDI and audio, and the Yamaha USB-MIDI driver isn't programmed to handle the audio portion of the data.

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