Power supply M1 Hammer 88 Pro New

Jun 3, 2022
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Understanding the M1 Pro Hammer 88 can be powered by USB, I purchased it recently because it could be powered by power cord. One power cord came with the unit - did not work. Online warehouse (well known) send another power cord. Did not work. Questioned if it worked on USB connection. About to try it to work however this keyboard is brand new. When it comes to resell - the next person may want to avoid using limited USB ports, wanting as I did and told my seller, for it to be wall powered.

Need opinion. I do not want to pay retail for a brand new piece of equipment only to find - something is wrong with the connector for a power cord. Should they not replace with a new unit so I do not have a brand new never used piece of equipment which before using requires a repair?

I take very good care of my equipment and I sell it based on that. Number of repairs, issues, condition. I cover everything. This bothers me -


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