Psr Ew 425

Dec 27, 2023
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Hi All,

80 year old would be musician living in Catral, Alicante, Spain

Had an old DGX 220, my first keyboard, for around 12years but gave up with it after having so many keys at full volume for the umpteenth time.
What I enjoyed about the dgx was the included music database and assumed that the EW425 would have the same... wrong... :-(
Having bought this new ew 425 a month or so ago, find that I am limited to uploading JUST 10 styles.... this is a joke. Surely cannot be right, there must be a way around this,yes?
AND again just 10 slots for my recordings!!??
This is even with every style on my usb, not in the keyboard....!
Plus being told that it is an ENTRY level keyboard!!
I would love to hear of any work arounds for this nonsense...
I have been told that it is impossible..... what a b^~#y waste of money....
Maybe there is some technical user that can write some software to do this?
Sorry about rant but really peeeed off.
Thanks in advance

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