RD300SX Soft Case?



Feb 13, 2008
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Does anybody know a soft case with wheels that will work for the RD00SX?

I've had a RoadRunner wheeled soft case for almost 2 years now for my RD700SX with no REAL complaints. Yes, in a perfect world I'd much rather have a hard case or something with real heavy internal padding, but I guess 2 years is pretty good. I see there's a "slim" version of this case (At half the price my full sized one was!:mad:) that I bet would work for you but check and double check your measurements.

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My only quibbles with my case have been:
-although the length is perfect it's a little too wide. I bet the slim version would be good for me, too.
-The mesh pocket on the outside of the "pedal pocket" tears easily as I found out.

Hope you find this helpful.

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