Selecting external sounds by the Studiologic Numa Compact 2x

Jul 17, 2022
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It took me some time to find out how not only set the sliders but also there initial settings when changing external programs by the Studiologic Numa Compact 2x (NC2x). Unfortunately, this is not in the manual nor in the description of the update. Here's how:

• Select a program in NC2x
• select MIDI (because we want to select an external program)
• select Part (left or right)
• press Edit
• enter PRGR CHG, Bank LSB (=0), Bank MSB, MIDI CH,
• (*) enter the Volume (irrelevant when sliders are set to CC7 = Volume)
• enter PEDAL 1 (expression), PEDAL 2 (sustain), STICK 1 (pitch bend), STICK 2 (modulation), AFTERTOUCH

• (**) Set CC SLIDER X by moving the slider X, then set the desired control code (CC), --> THEN move the slider to the desired start position <--
• NOTE: while moving the slider, the display does not show the slider position when in STANDARD mode
• NOTE: while moving the slider, the display shows the starting positions of all sliders when in ADVANCED mode

• select the next slider by moving the appropriate drawbar, then repeat above process, i.e. go to (**)

Whenever you select an NC2x Program either by external control, the triple pedal or the navigation knob, NC2x first sends the volume (*) setting (CC07) which is displayed on the screen. If you happen to set one of the sliders to control the volume of the external sound, then NC2x sends CC07 AGAIN with the slider value assigned to it by the above procedure, and OVERRIDES the displayed volume.

This sounds and is a bit complicated but i's the only way to do the desired job.
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