Send-retrieve in preset editor greyed out

Mar 4, 2023
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Q: why are my "send preset" and "retrieve preset" options greyed out?

Total newb here (apologies), using an Oxygen Pro 49 in standalone mode to play Hybrid 3. (I'll eventually start using a DAW, but it's baby steps first; for now, I just want basic look-I'm-playing-a-synthesizer functionality.)

I've got the keyboard connected to my laptop, and when I put it into Preset mode, and then choose Hybrid, that works -- I can play the synth and change patches by turning the "push to enter" knob on the keyboard.

But I wanted to change something -- in this case, put the sustain pedal into Latch mode -- and so I opened the Preset Editor to do so, but no matter what I do, both the "send preset" and "retrieve preset" options are greyed out. If I use the keyboard shortcut for either of them, I get a popup which looks promising, but when I hit the Get or Send button on the popup, I get this error message: "Error connecting to device. Verify your Oxygen Pro Keyboard is plugged into the USB port and try again." But it is connected, because I can play notes and hear them through the laptop!

I'm sure it's something dead simple that I'm just doing wrong, but I have no idea where to start. I've tried reconnecting the keyboard, but there's no change.

And of course, google and youtube have been of no help. :|

Any advice would be most appreciated!


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