want uniform output levels from dual synth rack

Jan 7, 2018
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Our house of worship band has 6 singers, piano, drums, 4 guitars and a dual keyboard synth rack.
Asking experienced keyboard players how we create a process prior to performance day and/or for use during performance day sound checks that can produce uniform levels to the mix console from the synth rack during the performance of 4 to 6 songs that are picking different synth voices for each song.

The performer on the synth rack is very talented but is having trouble producing an output send level that is uniform to the Front of House and to the stage monitors. Thus after the mix engineer experienced variation with the synth output level to the mixer over driving the mixer inputs, the synth rack has been gradually allotted lower and lower input gain as a defense mechanism. So now sometimes the audience can hear the synth, sometimes the audience can not hear the synth and sometimes the synth still overdrives the mix console when the foot controller is max.

Our synth rack uses no MIDI controllers or Computer software such as Mainstage to pick synth voices. We are not using a compressor on the synth inputs. We will always perform 4 to 6 songs often each song is going to use a different synth voice with varying output levels. The keyboard player has a Yamaha foot controller for each of the Yamaha synths.



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May 30, 2012
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GTA, Canada
You didn't mention any specific model numbers, but generally speaking your synth player will have to set up each required patch as a performance or setup or preset or whatever Yamaha calls them so that the mixer settings for each voice that comes into play has appropriate mixer level settings saved along with the preset.

In basic terms, tell him to tweak his voice settings before he shows up at the performance.

Gary ;)

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