Yamaha PSR-E473. Changing instruments when playing back midi

Sep 17, 2022
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I got a bunch midi file which play nicely on my Yamaha PSR-E473. But there are 2 limitations which i am trying to overcome.

1. If the midi file has more than 6 tracks, i am unable to mute them individually. This can be overcome by moving the tracks i want to mute, within the first 6 tracks i believe. Would have been nice if i was able to select the channels i want to be able to mute within the keyboard (max 6 is fine, i understand).

2. If i want to use different instrument, then i dont believe the keyboard can do it (it can change tempo and transpose, but no other editing options). I am exploring using Logic pro to do this, but when i import it on the DAW, it chooses a set of instruments for me (Which is fairly accurate) and i can change it. Now i am thinking of what is the best way to do this, so that when i export the midi, the instruments map to what i am looking for in my keyboard. An ideal scenario would have been, if my daw was able able to play back the sounds like my keybord, but that wont happen. Not one option is trial and error, another one is to connect the keyboard and keep editing the midi. Even then i am thinking how do i map the instruments between DAW and keyboard?

Any one had success with either of the above limitations?

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