How to do? copy from PSR9000 to another PSR9000

Oct 6, 2014
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I have a old PSR9000. I want to export every custome made drumkit and custome voices and custom styles.
This package or SET as we can call it, is full with 64mb of samplings also.
How do I export it from the PSR? not only the styles! I want every custome (samples) DK and voices to be exported!
Anyone have done this? Can you provide a step by step, and what is needed. And what alternatives I have.

Let say my PSR9000 have to retire and now I have to backup everything to another PSR9000, from my PSR9000 to another PSR9000... or to a TYROS 2 and so on.

Thanks in advance, I hope someone can help me soon.

Best Regards


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