Psr e473 - different key "loudness" on some voices question.

Jul 28, 2022
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Recently I bought PSR-e473. After switching from ancient psr-270 I must say that the quality of the new one is overwhelming. However I have one question that may sounds silly but I think it is better to ask while my new keyboards is still on waranty. I don't know if it is not just my imagination but is it possible that on voice nr.2 - grand piano (the "old one" not the improved "live" one) some pitch samples were made a bit louder than other? I feel it specially strong on pitch E in second octave which sounds for me a bit loudr than C and D and sometimes I feel it even "covers" harmonizing sounds played with right hand(especially C in 3rd octave). For now I have this feeling only on this voice no. 2 and do not have such strong impresion with "Live!. Grand Piano" but i kinda grew attached to the old sound and cannot yet switch to the Live! one
. Of course to make it cleaer I made all "tests" with TouchResponse function set to "fixed" so it surely isnt any problem with the keyboard mechanism but, if any, with the sound samples itself I suppose...

thank You in advance for any thoughts on this topic.


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