PSR ew400 recording performance usb


I meant to play that note!
Jun 6, 2014
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A few years ago I went to a store to buy a universal tablet holder that worked with a microphone stand, because I'd done my research online and the store's web site said that the location near me had several in stock-- and they were on sale at the time.

I drove over to the store that afternoon and looked all over, but didn't see them anywhere-- although I did see other tablet holders.

I asked a salesman about it. "Yes, we have that, right over here..." But there weren't any there. "Jerry, where are all those universal tablet holders that were over here this morning?"

"Oh, some guy came in at lunch time and bought every single one of them." o_O

I ended up buying an iPad tablet holder that's on a little stand. It's okay for setting on top of a desk, but that wasn't what I'd wanted, because I really wanted something that would fit my non-Apple tablets and that could be mounted on a mic stand.

Oh, well. The music rest on my PSR-E models actually works great for me, and is stable and secure enough.

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