Record mode combi in the sequencer(MIDI recording!!!)

Aug 25, 2012
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I have a sequencer Presonus Studio One.
1.I select microstation Editor
2.then combi mode on Korg MS
3.then RECORD in the sequencer
4.midi recording in the sequencer does not go ...

the same thing with the arpeggiator in Program mode...

I can not begin to record midi sequencer in mode combi and arpeggiator...

My Settings in Presonus Studio One:out -microstation Editor, in-Korg MS

I sincerely ask for help!


Destroyer of Eardrums!!!
May 30, 2012
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I have a Korg TR76 and I've never gotten the arpeggiator or the combis to work properly with an external sequencer.

The closest workaround for the combis is to set up multiple tracks on multiple channels manually in the external sequencer to emulate the layering of the combi sounds. Usually I just play out the track on a single voice and then copy and paste to multiple tracks to get the layering effects.

As for recording with full combis and arpeggiators, Korg simply assumes you are going to use the internal sequencer and do your MIDIs that way. I'd suggest recording on the internal sequencer and then exporting the MIDIs on a SD card to your external sequencer.

If you figure out any workarounds for the arpeggiators please post em here, cause I'd sure love to be able to incorporate those as well.



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