Tedious Korg Kronos question,

May 9, 2021
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Hi, first post/thread so apologies if this is in the wrong area. Thought about putting it in sequencers then thought again.
Looking at purchasing an SE model Kronos, essentially a Kronos 2; and am wondering if, when recording a song it is possible to ‘cut and paste’ a section like a verse part from bars 1-8 to 12-16, for example?
Not a deal breaker on my purchase but I’m interested in how flexible the practicality of recording is with a workstation? If when you finish you can chop and change the structure or it’s more like, what you record is set in stone.
I’m aware I have a lot of head scratching ahead of me as, having largely played Yamaha keyboards and orla organs, novation ultra nova synth, using a boss 1600 recorder for finishing ideas, korg are reputed as being difficult to ‘get’ for the uninitiated, especially at the level of complexity/depth the Kronos offers.
If you need further details please do ask and indeed, if I’m wasting your time please feel free to ignore!


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