Using a Yamaha P-200 as a controller HELP

May 22, 2010
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Okay, I'm kinda new at this so bear with me.

I'm playing sounds through a Roland JV 1080 and I want to use my Yamaha P-200 as a controller.

I previously was able to do this set up using a Roland keyboard and it worked out great, BUT now the keyboard is no longer available and I'm trying to recreate the set up using my Yamaha.

I'm trying to set up the Performance/Voice buttons so they will each send out just a different channel of MIDI. (Voice 1, Midi channel 1, etc)

I bring up Voice 1, edit it so its is playing on MIDI channel 1... And it plays MIDI Channel 1. That's working okay... I can play the correct sounds. BUT if I hit Voice 1 again, it changes the sounds on the Roland. How can I tell the P-200 to only send the correct MIDI channel and no other information?

Thanks so much!


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