Confusing: Yamaha PSR S970 or Roland EA7 ? (same price range in my country)

Aug 22, 2016
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I play music keyboard just for hobby. I usually play the music at home and sometime out of home.
I already have Yamaha PSR S900 for 8 years and very satisfied with it.

Today I know Yamaha PSR S970 have launched in my country since last year.
The price dropped to around Rp15.000.000,- (=USD 1132).

At sametime Roland EA7 have launched too, at same price range, around Rp14.500.000 (=USD 1094)

I plan to buy a new one as my second keyboard with that option, PSR S970 or EA7.

I have learn those keyboards have some good points, and by watching keyboard demo video on youtube, PSR S970 has more realistic sound than EA7 has.

Other goodpoints of PSR S970 is the after sales service in my country look better because it's manufactured in Indonesia.

Nevertheless If I buy PSR S970, I will have two keyboard with same brand (may be same capabilities)
If I buy EA7, It's not as great as PSR S970 in term of sound quality.

Buying Advice is welcome.


Andang - Indonesia

Fred Coulter

Collector of ancient keyboards
Feb 15, 2016
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I'm not sure what the point is of having two different arrangers. I would want my second keyboard to provide different capabilities, not the same. I could understand if you were replacing your old arranger with a new one. In that case, generally I'd stick with the same brand. That way your custom styles can be moved to the new keyboard.

You might want to see what the people at psrtutorial have to say.



I meant to play that note!
Jun 6, 2014
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I have no personal experience with either of those keyboards, and no experience at all with Roland keyboards, so I don't want to weigh in on which one you should go with [EDIT: because I think that's a personal choice, and one that you should make rather than letting anyone else decide for you]. But I can tell you that the PSR-S970 will definitely not be the same as your PSR-S900, as the PSR-S970 has some new features-- it should be a big step up from the PSR-S900. :)

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