yamaha reface cp midi question

Mar 7, 2019
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hi all

great forum! this is my first post. I should just say right upfront I am a drummer, so if my questions seem really stupid, well there you go :)

I was recently gifted this nifty little keyboard (yamaha reface CP) and I love the sounds and most especially the tactile controls for all the fx and delays etc. I even like the little keys, but it's just too few keys for how I want to play so........

larger midi controller! I know exactly nothing about midi etc, other than I can hook up a 61 key controller to the reface.

my question is about the controls on the reface when I'm using a controller keyboard. Specifically about the various switches and knobs that control the fx. do those still work even if I'm playing a controller? if not, do they get replicated somehow on the controller?

again, I am guessing these are frustratingly simple questions, but honestly I cannot seem to figure it out with google and I live about 1000 miles from the nearest music store.

thanks in advance!!!


Dec 21, 2018
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Hi Elias

and welcome to the forum! We won't hold drumming against you, I wish there were more drummers to go around frankly!

As for the Reface, it is simply a case of plug the MIDI out from the controller into the MIDI in on the Reface and off you go, the on board controls on the CP work as the CP is the sound unit. Check this video out for an example:

I am looking at a similar setup potentially if I get the Vox Continental instead of a Nord Electro 6D (I have to see which feels best for me). As the Vox has no split function I need to create a kind of Rhodes Bass Piano to do Doors covers.

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